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July 2014
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Ophira Eisenberg's Screw Everyone is about sexual revelations, terrible men, sweet men who weren't Ophira's type, stand-up, and finally getting married. Ophira and I talk about how it feels to be a comedian when everyone around you is also a comedian who just wrote a book, how to write about sex without every person you write about sending you angry messages on Facebook, and we talk about what we're afraid of revealing about ourselves (or I do). Music: Soul Khan. Logo: Jake Young

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The podcast is here once again! Adelle Waldman (author of The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.) talks with me about bad blowjobs, when NOT going to brunch is indicative of a failed relationship, and what would happen if everyone in Brooklyn knew they'd die at age 35. WOW! It's a great novel. You should read it. Music: Soul Khan. Logo: Jake Young

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The podcast is back! This week features Travis Nichols, poet, novelist, and current Media Officer at Greenpeace. His novel The More You Ignore Me takes place completely on the internet, specifically one forum where a man attempts to explain why he is banned from a stranger's wedding blog. It's creepy, experimental, funny, and well worth your time! Travis and I talk about balancing time for art and real work/life, what connection people want to find on the internet, and whether or not writing is fun. Enjoy! Music: Soul Khan. Logo: Jake Young

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Today I talk to A.M. Homes (The Safety of Objects, May We Be Forgiven) about masturbation, marriage, Nixon, and comedy. We even do a little improv at the end. You'll love it! Thanks for listening! Tech: Eddie Grupper. Music: Soul Khan. Logo: Jake Young

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Hear the birth of this podcast before the podcast was a podcast! Today's show is a live recording from Housing Works Bookstore Cafe then called the Better Book Club. Two comedians (Harrison Greenbaum and Adam Conover) and I read our guests' books (Lev Grossman's The Magicians and Haley Tanner's Vaclav and Lena) and had a lively discussion about love, real magic, and nerds. I also tested each guest's knowledge of magic by playing a game called "Magic Spell or Rock Band." Enjoy! Music by Soul Khan. Tech: Eddie Grupper.

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Today's podcast is not for the faint of heart. Kambri Crews (author of Burn Down The Ground) grew up in Texas in a tin shack with two deaf parents. Her story leading up to her adult life in New York City would be enough to fill a memoir, then her dad was arrested for attempted murder and is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence. But there's still room for levity/fun in Kambri's life. We talk about her marriage to a comedian, parenting, prison, and dildos. Hope you enjoy! Music: Soul Khan. Tech: Anya Garrett.

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Today's episode features Emma Straub, author of Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures and sweetest person on the planet. We talk about niceness, awkward sex (or maybe Dan is just awkward about questions related to sex), marriage, parents, Hollywood, rejection, envy, and fame. You'll love this one! Follow Emma on twitter: @emmastraub. Music by Soul Khan.

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Today's guest Tim Kreider wrote Dan's favorite book of 2012! In We Learn Nothing, Tim explores the Tea Party, drinking, friendships beginning and ending, near death experiences, and general happiness. You'll love the interview, and you'll love Tim's book! Find out more on Tech: Eddie Grupper. Music: Soul Khan.

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Welcome, book geeks! This is the first ever "Love, Sex, Death, and Books" podcast featuring J.R. Angelella, author of Zombie. We discuss Catholic Boys School, what makes a book YA, zombie movies, and how this podcast started! Music from Soul Khan. Logo by Jake Young. Tech: Eddie Grupper. Check out for more!

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